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Monitoring the World   Harmonisation of databases and specifications

   Since 2007 The DataGroup Stiftung has undertaken the harmonisation and convergence of the database specifications and definitions of the various database providers. This was to allow users a uniform and standardised reference to use with their commercial and corporate planning and forecasting; and to allow users cross-database functionality.

   The data sets, modules and standards shown on this site are now fully harmonised and standardised to allow data and software interflow and cross-platform usage of the databases.  Users may obtain older data dictionaries and standards, and/or data sets and data dictionaries for their own national standards.

   The standard product and market definitions have been harmonised and are provided (in the standard database products supplied) as the NAICS classifications. Users wishing to remain with the previous SIC classifications may obtain these databases under that classification system. Users requiring other (European, Japanese, et cetera) classification definitions and norms may obtain those as necessary. Accounting standards are also harmonised according to the U.S. regulatory norms; however other norms are available.

   Data dictionary and data definition bridges and converters are available to allow users to update or standardise their databases. The DataGroup Stiftung has undertaken to maintain support for the older data dictionary standards and definitions until 2016, however users are urged to update at their earliest convenience.