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1. Directors & Principals

This section investigates the entrepreneurial force behind the firm. Where the firm is a public company the data given is for the parent company directors, plus the target firm's managing director. If the firm is a private limited company or an un-limited company the data given covers the principals or proprietors.

The data includes: Personal & Family data, Personal Income & Wealth, Property Ownership, Equity & Investment Holdings, Directorships and Shadow Directorships, Qualifications, Reputation. Perceptions of these individuals held by their staff, competitors, customers and suppliers. Management Performance: an analysis of the individual's management abilities, strengths & weaknesses.

2. Senior Managers & Line Managers

Individual Senior Managers (which also includes members of the above category) and Line Managers are appraised under the following headings.

Accounting Efficiency; Accounting Practices & Procedures; After-Sales Satisfaction Control; Analysis of Objectives; Attitude & Approach; Cash-Flow Handling; Communication Process; Competitive Rating; Control & Communication; Customer Handling Processes; Customer Satisfaction Control; Degrees of Manager Responsibilities; Direction & Delegation; Fairness of Terms of Trading; Formalised Quality Control Systems; Innovation; Legal Considerations & Conditions of Business; Levels of Litigation; Management Action; Manager Control & Monitoring; Manager Performance & Efficiency; Manager Planning Procedures; Motivation; Objectives & Tasks; Organisational Ability; Organisational Aspects; Planning Performance; Quality Control Development; Quality Control Efficiency; Quality Control Procedures; Rating of Manager Direction & Delegation; Security & Product Protection.

3. General Staff

Administration Input Systems & Procedures; After-Sales Considerations; Automated Systems; Availability of After-Sales Services; Client / Order Handling & Input; Client / Order Progress Notification; Client / Order Supply & Delivery; Competitive Client Handling Rating; Complaints Handling; Complete Order Delivery; Customer Handling (Relative & Competitive); Delivery Systems Investments; Ease of Staff - Customer Interface; Investment in Staff operated Systems & Software; In-House / Inter-departmental Process & Handling Procedures; Levels of Systems Investments; On-time Delivery Rating; Operating Procedures & Systems; Overall Client Handling Performance; Perceived Staff Performance; Point-of-Sale Staff Performance; Professionalism of Operating Procedures; Staff Costs of After-Sales Services; Staff Efficiency & After-Sales Services; Systemised Progress Chasing.

4. Personnel Quality & Performance

Activity Control; Activity Performance & Efficiency; Activity Planning; Buyer-Seller Interactions; Company Loyalty; Customer Communications; Customer Prospecting; Customer Servicing; Degrees of Personnel Responsibilities; Information Gathering & Usage; Leadership; Management Direction; Management Levels; Management Procedures; Manager Control; Manager Objectives; Personnel Achievement; Personnel Control Measurement; Personnel Control & Monitoring; Personnel Customer Specialisation; Personnel Delegation; Personnel Direction; Personnel Hierarchies; Personnel Incentives; Personnel Organisation; Personnel Perceptions of Firm; Personnel Performance & Efficiency; Personnel Planning Procedures; Personnel Product Specialisation; Personnel Productivity; Personnel Responsibilities & Tasks; Personnel Selection; Personnel Size Decisions; Personnel Tasks; Personnel Training; Personnel Value Structures; Personnel Workload Structures; Personnel Workload; Rating of Personnel Direction & Delegation; Sales Tasks; Selling; Sub-ordinate Control; Sub-ordinate Performance & Efficiency; Supervisory Efficiency; Supervisory Levels.

5. Personnel Compensation Policy & Retention Rates & Recruitment.

Compensation Structure; Compensation - Expenses; Compensation - Fixed; Compensation - Fringe Benefits; Compensation - Variable; Continuous Training; Incentivisation Development; Initial Training; Length of Service Structures; Personnel Length of Service; Personnel Rating & Classification; Recruitment Methods; Selection Methods; Specialist Training.

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