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These books analyse the negative factors which may be evident in the operation of individual firms. The data relates to the preceding 10 years. The data is logged by individual staff member to determine if these factors are a result of company policy or the misbehaviour of individual staff members. The information is given under 6 headings:-


1. Customer Complaints

Customer complaints are logged and analysed. The data is correlated by Product, by Service, by Individual Personnel, by Handling, by Outcome, et cetera.

2. Product & Service Failure

Where the Product or Service had Failed, (i.e. where the customer believes that the product or services offered fails to meet expectations), the reasons for the failure, the problems encountered, the outcome and customer comments.

3. Regulatory & Compliance Misdemeanours / Enforcement

Infringements and disregard of regulations and compliance procedures are shown and analysed in respect of Products, Services, Individual Personnel, Disciplinary Measures, Outcome, et cetera. Enforcement decisions and measures are discussed.

4. Standards & Quality Lapses

Lapses in the Quality and Standards of Products and Services provided by the firm are analysed and compared to that of competitors in the local area, regionally, nationally and in European terms.

5. Abuse of Position

Firms which abuse their position in the market or which use their position to gain an unfair or immoral advantage are covered in this section.

6. Press Coverage / Public & Legal Record

This section provides details of Press coverage: News items; General coverage; Records; Promotional Advertisements; Recruitment Advertisements. Public records; Land & other Registers; Credit References; Bank References; Professional References; Trade & Supplier References. Court proceedings; Arbitration proceedings; Tribunal proceedings.

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Les Membres des Professions Libérales

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